Do you need to order from multiple U.S. suppliers and consolidate a shipment to your agent?

We can quote U.S. items from multiple vendors, collect and warehouse your orders and arrange for a courier, air or ocean freight shipments, saving you both time and money, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Are you bidding on a contract and not getting the pricing you need to be competitive?

We can contact factories directly, or go through their U.S. distributors and seek out the best pricing for the items you are looking for.  With our long standing relationships with overseas suppliers, we are able to obtain excellent pricing.

Do you need to research items from multiple U.S. companies to find the best U.S. source?

Research can be a time consuming process, especially without having vetted partners to reach out to.  Let Shaftal International Trading save you time and money by allowing us to connect with our pool of resources and partners in many industries to help you find the best price, and source.

If you need to navigate a challenging foreign market, you’ll need an experienced guide—Let Shaftal help you through the process

Shaftal International Trading can help:

  • Find U.S. and foreign buyers for your products
  • Give you access to well established expertise and trade contacts
  • Obtain the lowest pricing and samples in close coordination with you
  • Manage distributors or commission representatives
  • Prepare documentation and arrange shipping
  • Provide all drawings and specifications, where needed

If you are looking for U.S. or foreign buyers for your components or products overseas, we can help you find the right partner/supplier, at the right price. With numerous vetted, long-standing open accounts with manufacturers overseas, we can give you fast, reliable, cost efficient and great service, in the U.S., China, Korea and the Middle East. Our team can help you source and purchase what you need, from as simple as a small screw, or as complex as a testing machine or robot.