Are you looking for a way to bring your unique products to market outside of the U.S.?  Are you wondering where to begin to find that last part or component that you need for production?

So, you’ve received an overseas inquiry outside of your distribution chain.  How do you know if it’s real and how do you calculate all the export costs?  Even for those with some global experience, handling the export process directly can be both ambitious and challenging because your company handles every aspect of the

Spend your time doing what you do best—managing your company, and let Shaftal find, vet and arrange meeting with interested partners in a foreign market. We can handle the process from finding the right partner and negotiating the price, to overseeing logistics and coordinating final packing.

Are you Export Ready?—Let Shaftal help you through the process. We can:

  • Find foreign markets and buyers for your products
  • Give you access to well established expertise and trade contacts
  • Obtaining the lowest pricing and samples in close coordination with you
  • Manage overseas distributors or commission representatives
  • Prepare documentation and arrange shipping
  • Provide all applicable drawings and specifications, where needed

With our vetted, long-term relationships with many manufacturers overseas, we can give you fast, reliable, cost efficient and efficient service, in Latin America, China, Korea and the Middle East. Our team can help you source and purchase what you need, from something as simple as a small screw, or as complex as a testing machine or robot.