A Family Owned Business with a Long History Serving Our Customers 

About Shaftal TradingAfter over 30 years in international trade, as an executive of a major US Export company, Bernardo Shaftal founded Shaftal Trading Company in 1990 with the vision of expanding US exports and selling American products and technology to the Latin American appliance industry.  With overseas buyers and engineers, Mr. Shaftal, with daughter Jennifer, facilitated major Latin America countries to advance in production of domestic household appliances sold through Central and South America.

In their twenty-seven years in business, they have expanded their business into other regions of the world, to include Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Recently, Bernardo’s daughter Jennifer assumed the role of President of Shaftal, and continues to operate the business with the same values and focus of her Father, focusing on open, honest trade and an emphasis on trust and clarity in business.